The Style Guidelines are still under construction. Please pardon our mess.

Style Guidelines

Below is a table of beer styles and guidelines, presented in a sortable and filterable format. Clicking on the name of each style leads to a page with additional information, as well as a complete description. The guidelines are based on the Brewers Association 2014 Beer Style Guidelines, published by the Brewers Association, with changes made for formatting.

Table of Styles

Special Bitter or Best BitterAleBritish1.038-1.0451.006-1.0124.2-4.828-406-14
Scottish-Style Light AleAleBritish1.030-1.0351.006-1.0122.8-3.59-206-15
Scottish-Style Heavy AleAleBritish1.035-1.0401.010-1.0143.5-4.112-208-19
Scottish-Style Export AleAleBritish1.040-1.0501.010-1.0184.1-5.315-259-19
Ordinary BitterAleBritish1.033-1.0381.006-1.0123-4.220-355-12
Extra Special BitterAleBritish1.046-1.0601.010-1.0164.8-5.830-458-14
English-Style Summer AleAleBritish1.036-1.0501.006-1.0123.7-5.120-304-7
English-Style India Pale AleAleBritish1.050-1.0641.012-1.0185.1-7.135-636-14
Classic English-Style Pale AleAleBritish1.040-1.0561.008-1.0164.4-5.320-405-12