The Style Guidelines are still under construction. Please pardon our mess.

Style Guidelines

Below is a table of beer styles and guidelines, presented in a sortable and filterable format. Clicking on the name of each style leads to a page with additional information, as well as a complete description. The guidelines are based on the Brewers Association 2014 Beer Style Guidelines, published by the Brewers Association, with changes made for formatting.

Table of Styles

Classic English-Style Pale AleAleBritish1.040-1.0561.008-1.0164.4-5.320-405-12
English-Style India Pale AleAleBritish1.050-1.0641.012-1.0185.1-7.135-636-14
English-Style Summer AleAleBritish1.036-1.0501.006-1.0123.7-5.120-304-7
Extra Special BitterAleBritish1.046-1.0601.010-1.0164.8-5.830-458-14
Ordinary BitterAleBritish1.033-1.0381.006-1.0123-4.220-355-12
Scottish-Style Export AleAleBritish1.040-1.0501.010-1.0184.1-5.315-259-19
Scottish-Style Heavy AleAleBritish1.035-1.0401.010-1.0143.5-4.112-208-19
Scottish-Style Light AleAleBritish1.030-1.0351.006-1.0122.8-3.59-206-15
Special Bitter or Best BitterAleBritish1.038-1.0451.006-1.0124.2-4.828-406-14